Become a Member

Tennessee Agritourism Association is an educational and networking organization for agritourism operations and industry partners. 

We have two categories of Members. Whenever joining please take time to read each one to ensure you are choosing correctly.

Active Members

Active members have full voting rights. Active members are Tennessee farms that currently produce enough income from the production or growth of farm products to file an IRS Schedule F, qualify for a Tax Exempt Farm ID number, and also provide agricultural education on the farm, in addition to any other entertainment or recreational activities. A representative of that establishment shall have voting rights and may serve on committees. After being a member in good standing for two years, an active member may serve on the Executive Board.

Associate Members

Associate member are non-voting members. This includes industries or organizations that support agritourism, or farms that are interested in learning about agritourism but who do not currently operate a farm that provides any kind of agricultural education, or a farm that does not grow or produce any farm products. Although they have no voting rights, associate members may serve on committees. 

All members of the Association MUST abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations to be a member in “good standing.”

Please note: The Tennessee Agritourism Association does not certify operations as “agritourism”. 

To apply to become a member of the Tennessee Agritourism Association, please complete the Member Application/Renewal form.

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