Hatcher Family Dairy

Farm Location & Contact Info:

6545 Arno Road
College Grove, TN

Farm Description:

The Hatcher Family is very proud of our heritage. Since 1831, six consecutive generations have continued the family farm.We have always been dairy farmers and were faced with a choice in 2007 to sell out or start to bottle our own milk. So as a family, we decided to stick together and build our own creamery and bottling plant right here on our farm. We first sold locally at the Franklin Farmers Market and at our farm Dairy Store. Since then we have grown, with the amazing support of our community, to be in over 90 local shops and restaurants in Tennessee. In 2021 our family was featured in a docu-series for National Geographic called ‘The Hatcher Family Dairy,’ the series followed our day to day life on the farm and Veterinary practice here on the dairy. The series is now streamed worldwide on Disney+. We have expanded our business to include two vacation rentals on the farm through Airbnb and a growing retail store.


Mary Morgan Gentry


Middle Tennessee