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Ward Grove Farms

20 Ward Rd
Beech Bluff, TN 38230

Phone: 731-427-2682


Farm Description/Information:

Ward Grove Christmas Tree Farm has been in our family since the 1830’s. For many years the crops were cotton, soybeans, corn, truck farming and livestock. When Roy and Sue relocated to Jackson in 1986 the first Christmas trees were planted. In 1990, choose and cut sales began with a farm wagon at the center of operations. With the addition of our rustic cabin and mule-driven wagon rides in 1993, families began looking to our farm as an important Christmas tradition. Many of our first customers have begun to bring their grandchildren to share in the experience of finding the perfect Christmas tree. Our farm is still a family operation with Roy, Sue, Ricky, Emily, her husband Robbie, and Jesse still working on the farm. The next generation of Sam, Christie, Kevin, and Marian are waiting in the wings to join us.

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Owners/Contacts: Robbie Knight